Few words about us

Hola Familia !!! First off thank you so much for taking the time to know a little about us. We are Derick O Lopez and Victor R Vargas, CEO’s of The Freakin Rican Restaurant. Serving Authentic Puerto Rican Food I’m 35, born in Mayaguez , Puerto Rico. Lived in the south Bronx much of my childhood. Then moved out to Queens Ny. I’ve always loved food and the memories it would give me. Almost like that of a fragrance would take you back to a certain place and time. I Remember when my Abuelita would make me arroz con gandules y pernil , which is yellow rice and pigeon peas with roast pork. Now whenever I make it, the aroma takes me back to when I was a little kid helping my grandmother mash all the herbs in the pilon to create her infamous Sofrito.

What amazing memories I have just by a simple aroma or even taste. So all of this and much more lead me to want to open a restaurant in which I did in Glendale, Queens . But due to unfortunate circumstances I had to close. Nonetheless here I’m doing it again. This time bigger than ever .We are working the hardest to create a place where you could come in and be received like family . With amazing People , Food , and of course Salsa. So that’s exactly what I’m creating. My journey is to unite this world one plate at a time. So please feel free to follow me on this journey. I would appreciate it actually.


La vida es mejor con un buen sabor!